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Your Nationwide Staffing Resource

Digital Dhara is a leading full-service staffing agency with a focus on recruitment in the sales, healthcare, and information technology industries.

Our mission is to connect world-class talent with marquee global companies in ways that make work incredibly meaningful, valuable and beneficial for everyone. We strive to look for “the person behind the paper” using attributes-based interviews and deep dives to find matches that go beyond the job description for our expansive client list, both for temporary and permanent needs.

Superior Recruiters

Our recruitment team sets us apart from other service providers. We deliver better talent faster and more economically while focusing on integrity to ensure our clients are always protected and our candidates treated fairly. We consistently receive positive feedback from our clients and candidates on our human and personable approach to recruiting.


Top Talent

Our proprietary candidate database has over 300,000 unique candidates. We have millions more in our professional network and the know how to quickly tap into all our resources and deliver top talent nationwide.

Low Attrition

Including Digital Dhara in your hiring process can drastically reduce not only your time to hire but also overall departmental attrition rates. Let us help you find the perfect match for your team.

We promise to:

  • Leverage & deploy talent globally
  • Deliver integrated talent solutions
  • Provide quality, efficient and low-cost solutions
  • Give back to client communities
  • Maintain GDPR compliance
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What We Do

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have access to a global network of the world’s smartest people—people with specialized IT and engineering skills? Partnering with us instantly gives you the ability to bring experts or multi-disciplined teams into your business.

You can rely on us to manage entire services on your behalf or deliver your products and services end-to-end at our global Delivery Centers and Centers of Excellence.

We believe that having the speed, agility, expertise and scale to outpace technology actually comes down to one very simple solution – the right people, working together, in the right ways.

Let us help you connect smarter.