Direct Sourcing

Digital Dhara Direct Sourcing is an “always-on” talent pipeline that leverages your company brand to identify, pool, and re-engage highly qualified talent for your contingent work opportunities. This talent might include former employees, retirees, and applicants—as well as previously hired contractors, and dedicated talent pools built and maintained under your company brand.

A Direct Advantage for You and Your Talent

For your company, Digital Dhara Direct Sourcing provides easy access to the best and most culturally aligned contingent talent, all while reducing your dependence on third-party recruiters, agencies, and the talent supply chain. It reduces time to fill, lowers costs due to agency markup, and increases your ability to redeploy talent after an assignment ends.

For talent, Direct Sourcing eliminates the need for a staffing agency, and gives workers direct access to their preferred employers. It reduces the need for redundant applications—giving them the ability to connect and be matched with the best-fit job. As part of the talent community, workers also have access to a wide variety of educational events, resources, and cultural communications to improve their chances of being redeployed for future assignments with your company.

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