IoT Development

Digital Dhara offers full-stack IoT engineering and development services to leading enterprises and emerging innovators.

IoT creates tremendous business opportunities – as well as technical challenges

IoT creates exciting opportunities for new business models, process efficiencies and improved forms of engagement. But to take advantage, delivery teams must navigate a variety of development considerations:

  • Unproven software functionality and use cases
  • A plethora of new devices, networks and sensors
  • New communication protocols and complex integration scenarios
  • Industry-specific compliance and security requirements

Digital Dhara puts the opportunity in IoT within reach

Our end-to-end IoT engineering services enable clients to design and build connected devices and applications using the latest tools and development methodologies.

We work with the largest chipset manufacturers to early-stage disruptors in healthcare and connected cars to convert analog-based use cases to digital using sensors, IoT chipsets, firmware development and create full-stack infrastructure (Web, Mobile, Cloud, Analytics) around it.

Our IoT development services include:

  • Hardware engineering teams to create prototypes
  • Firmware development using protocols such as BLE, Zigbee, WiFi, RFID, NFC, and more
  • Companion or stand-alone mobile app development


  • IoT Cloud development using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for data collection business scenario management
  • Specialized IoT platforms based on customization requirements
  • Digital Twins for remote devices for smoother management, monitoring and support
  • Conversion of IoT-based data collection into actionable insights
  • Integration with various enterprise systems
  • Protocol-based testing and end-to-end Test Automation.