Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Your recruiting challenges are as unique as you are. A decision to choose Digital Dhara as your RPO partner buys you solutions that fit the demands of your hiring challenges, your hiring teams, and the consumer-grade mindsets of your candidates exactly. We configure solutions that balance human and machine intelligence to drive exceptional outcomes.

Technology has the ability to reinvent business processes, create better user experiences, and augment and enhance human decision-making. As such, it is viewed as one of the biggest areas of opportunity for many businesses today – and a core component of most digital transformation efforts.

  • Clarify desired outcomes and define talent requirements (including optimizing labor mix decisions to buy, build, or borrow critical talent)
  • Design high-impact marketing strategies and candidate experiences
  • Use an agile, open ecosystem to introduce the right digital solutions for the right reasons
  • Manage high-potential candidate relationships and select for best fit
  • Ensure results achieve expectations—and that innovation carries the program to continued new heights.

Our industry-credible teams act as extensions of your recruiting teams, offering a centralized model and a single provider for all of their needs—from project-based support to comprehensive end-to-end solutions. With experienced recruiters operating virtually and in critical markets around the world, we deliver global scalability—ensuring we efficiently connect talent to your world of work.